Friday, December 10, 2010

Tir na nOg Farm

A couple of weeks ago after our Wednesday farmers market I visited my friend Holly's farm just the next town over. 

She has soo many different things going on!  Chickens and eggs, bees and honey, pigs and cattle, vegetables and fruit! And she has soo much knowledge!  I was there for about 2 hours while she showed me all around and told me so many neat fact about plants and their origins, their properties, info. about the bees, what parts are what on a pig and more and more and more!   She has a beautiful farm and I have some pictures to share with you.

It had just rained, hard, for about 5 hours straight.  We got like 2" of rain an hour.  When the sun finally came out these pigs were, well, happy to play around in this mud.

And playing around with a pumpkin is always fun!

She has 2 gorgeous Highland Cattle!  Isn't the farm pretty with the rolling hills?

Hi there beautiful!

And here is Holly brushing one of her beauties.

And this a Top Bar Bee Hive.  Not the traditional stack style Bee Hive.  No heavy lifting here.  Simply take off the top and you have immediate access to the honey comb. 

And look!  A little window on the side so you can look in and see how the bees are doing!

The bees were very busy on this day which was unusually mild for November. 

And of course, you can not have a farm without a beautiful Rooster who enjoys loudly expressing himself.

I left Tir na nOg farm with a pound of bacon and dozen eggs and the happy knowledge that all these animals are so well cared for and live such happy lives.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh how fun! The Pigs look so cute in their mud =))

MaineCelt said...

It was such fun to show you around! And aye, we do love our critters! (Come back next summer to see our organic gardens and mushroom patches in full production!) More Tir na nOg Farm stories can be found here: