Thursday, December 16, 2010

Soap Slices

I had tons of soap ends, I mean tons.  Each time I make a batch of soap, I cut off the ends of the log of soap.  The ends are sometimes skinny, sometime fat, sometimes irregular in shape or short etc.  I considered selling the ends back when I was participating in The Yarmouth Clam Festival but was so busy, I just didn't get around to it.  So, what was I going to do with all these ends (or potential money) that were just hanging around taking up space.   I also had some clear Chinese food style take out containers....hmmmm, lets put them together and see what we get.  I took about 6 containers full of ends to the Brunswick Winter Market and they all sold in like 23 minutes.  Also, folks that saw them were clamoring for more.  I had one customer place an order for 4 containers and we met in the Shaw's Supermarket parking lot for a delivery of goods in between market dates.    Then Lisa Marie's Made In Maine called to place an order for soaps, soap samplers, and more and she often asks me "anything new"?  So, I said, "sure, I have these soap ends packaged real cool in a clear takeout container".  She bought 2 dozen.  Meanwhile, I continued to sell them at a brisk pace at the markets and had to start announcing I had a "limited supply and come and get 'em quick" of soap ends.  I delivered to Lisa Marie and 5 days later she called for more!  Now, it is 10 days before Christmas and people are shopping like mad, but I really think that folks like these things!  More packing is on the way and I feel so thrifty and Yankee-like, not wasting a bit of soap!

What do you think?  Cute?  Each package contains from 6-10 slices of soap.  All different types of soap packaged up in a clear takeout style container.  Customer can see the soap ends, the variety of colors and textures.  Sometimes there are big slices of soap in there, almost a 1/2 - 3/4 size bar of soap.  I try to include a variety, no duplicate soap slices in each package.  It is kind-of Pot Luck style, you just don't know what you will get, but it will be fun and yummy to try something new.  I will also list these on my website under the Limited Editions section.    You can follow me on FaceBook here:  Casco Bay Soap Co. on FaceBook  to get my up-to-date information on whether or not I will have soap ends at the market. 


Money Saving Maine-iac said...

I think these are cool! You are very clever. It's really like a sampler, isn't it?

Celine Blacow said...

Really excellent idea but what do you do about labelling them? In the EU, you have to state the allergens over a declarable level for each fragrance so labelling these things could prove to a nightmare.. pity cos it's a really cute idea!

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

thanks for the comments.
As for labeling, right now they just have my business card attached to them, but I am working on a label. I really just just just started selling them.
As long as we are not making any cosmetic claims, we do not have to label the soaps. I normally do label my full size bars of soap, but these little slices, I did not. BUT I will, soon.