Friday, October 8, 2010

Special Deliveries

I have a customer in Canada that found me this summer during the Freeport Community Market in Freeport.  I just got an email from her that she will be in town in just a few weeks and would like to stock up on more soap. 

I'm blushing, but want to share with you.  This is what she said about my soaps:   "I must say that normally I am not fussy regarding beauty products but your soap is by far the best I have ever tried!  It is the only soap that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and itchy after a shower and it is perfectly scented without being overpowering!

Oh, I love hearing that!  I get alot of great feedback when I see  you in person at the Farmers Markets.  I hear how much you love the soap, how you gave a bar to your sister and she enjoys it.   A bar went to your mother-in-law and the fragrance just brought her back to when she had her lavender garden and so on.  I enjoy the customer feedback.   You keep me going!

While the Freeport Market is closed for the season when my new customer visits, I am happy to email her a selection of current soap fragrances and the option for us to meet for a soap delivery in the local area.   If you need soap, and can't make it to a Farmers Market, Craft Fair or local retail location that carries my soaps (see list on right) I am more than happy to meet with you for your very own special delivery.  Drop me an email anytime! 

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