Thursday, October 28, 2010

Close Buy Catalog In The News

You may recall I was part of Close Buy Catalog.  Local schools fundraising by selling local Maine Made items.  Here is a link to a previous blog post:

Here is an article in The Phoenix about Close Buy Catalog.

I'll report more in a later post about how I fared during the pilot year of this great program.  Here's a hint:  My product is due November 12th, I am labeling and wrapping soaps NOW!


Jennifer Young said...

Hello there! I have been intrigued by your laundry soap made with soap shavings... and am looking for a way to use up my left over soaps. Do you have to boil them down? Or do you use them as is, superfatting and all? I would be really happy to receive any tips. Thanks! xo Jen

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Hi Jen,
do a search and you will find all sorts of recipes on line for both powder and liquid laundry soap.
I make the powder type, as it is easier to ship and sell etc. I prefer it for my own laundry too.
I use the soap as it, just shredding it up very fine and, really my ingredients are not secret, I use Washing Soda and Borax in the mix too (both are natural minerals that have been used for a looong time for cleaning around the home).
You can find recipes and even youtube videos online to help you.
thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Young said...

Thank you so much for your help! xoxo Jen