Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Look Inside Lisa Marie's Made In Maine ~ Portland

Lisa Marie's Made In Maine is a great all Maine made store located in both Bath and Portland.  My soaps have been carried in the Bath location for about 3 years and when she told me she was opening a store in Portland early in the spring and she needed more of my soap, I was happy to help!   I stopped in to the Portland store on Saturday to visit and take some pictures to share with you.

Portland streets are full of quaint shops and brownstones.

It's a great walking city, lots to look at, places to shops, restaurants and something fun around the corner.

Lisa Marie's store looks like it's been here forever!  There must be some history in this space.  Imagine an old Mercantile shop selling dry goods to ship captain wives that walked on these cobblestone streets. 

Lisa Marie, and her daughter Marie, have created a wonderful store.  It is long and narrow, but they have managed to pack in alot of great stuff without making it looks crowded.  The ceilings must be 20' tall.  The whole front of the store is window, and it just lights up the whole space.  See the exposed brick?  So quaint.  
 Lisa Marie has wind chimes near the front of the store and even has a little fan placed just right so they tinkle in the breeze.  While I was there, a local book author was just finishingg up a book signing.  My soaps are beautifully displayed on this antique dresser, near the front of the store.  How lovely!

I love the mirror at the back of the display, it really adds alot of depth to the space!

My soaps are displayed in beautiful pottery dishes.  How pretty!

While I was there, Lisa Marie was behind the counter working with a customer and I didn't want to interrupt her.  But she looked up to greet her customer and saw that it was me.  She gave me an enthusiastic hello and told the customer that I was "the soap maker".  He was impressed and even said, "oh, a celebrity" .  I smiled and waved him off.  I didn't know what to say.  Me?  A celebrity?  A soap celebrity?  Maybe it was because this was in town...

Yup, a full size Royal Caribbean cruise ship, only a few blocks from Lisa Marie's store!

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Karen said...

Store looks so cute! I can't wait to visit, I plan on being there oct. 18th!