Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Is Here!

Here is a small collage of some recent photos I took. The photos of the orange Chinese Lanterns on the left and Indian Corn in the center were taken at The Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME that I attended this past weekend. The Black Eyed Susans are from a boat yard in Georgetown, ME. Beautiful colors this time of year in the Northeast. Now I am off to find some fresh cider and a caramel apple...

Here is some information on the Chinese Lanterns, do you have them in your area? They are soo delicate and fragile to touch! But soo beautiful. I met a future bride that is using them as decoration for her Fall wedding, how nice!

Chinese Lanterns
When You See Vivid Orangered husks decorating the late summer garden, you are most likely seeing the Chinese lantern plant, Physalis alkekengi. These plants are often simply called physalis, a name derived from the Greek word for bladder. As a member of the nightshade family, physalis is related to tomatoes, peppers and petunias.

The ribbed, lanternlike bladders are actually enlarged sepals that have fused together to envelop the forming fruit. Tear one open and you will discover the fruit, resembling a cherry tomato. Inside the smooth, shiny skin the thick flesh is embedded with a rich harvest of seeds.

The bright husk guards the fruit as it dehydrates in the fall air. Gradually, it becomes paper thin and begins to break down to a delicate, lacy veiling. When this covering finally rips open, the seeds are sufficiently light and dry to be scattered by the wind.

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Always such beautiful pictures!