Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 New Soaps ~ Limited Editions

I have 2 new soaps for sale....

Citrus Blossom

Citrus Blossom is a delicate, light, floral, citrus fragrance. With some unique middle fragrance notes of Jasmine, Cyclamen and Peach, this fragrance has nuance and charm. Subtle musk and vanilla notes hold up the fragrance making it a lovely, sunny floral.
I added Calendula petals to the white part of the soaps and colored the top part with a bit of carrot powder to give it some orange tones.

To me is is a soft subtle citrus, a bit powdery, floral.  Very nice and delicate.

Winter Solstice

Limited edition and just for winter, my new Winter Solstice soap.

Winter Solstice is a subtle twist on clean air mint with notes of Spearmint, Pepeppermint and exotic Water Mint. With a few notes of Chocolate and Cocoa, this blend is finished up with soft Vetevyr and delicate West Indian Vanilla. The vanilla in this soap is what makes it the lovely brown color.

I love this.  A bit sweet, soft and subtle mint. 

I will test these out, see how the sell, see what the customer reaction is at market etc.  Stop by and check them out, or order on the website:

Citrus Blossom:

Winter Solstice:


twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Your new soaps look lovely and I had a look at your website and it's great. You must have done a tonne of work. I saw all the stores you sell at and your markets, how do you keep up with it all? Congrats to you as it sounds like you are keeping busy.


Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

thank you! I am very very busy and credit my organization as a way to "get it all done". I work off of lists and check items off as I go. :) More work to do! Thanks for your comments!