Monday, September 13, 2010

Unscented soap? Who wants that!?

I do have some customers at the Farmers Markets that smell and sniff the my soap for about 20 minutes before decided on just the right bar for them.  When they see the Unscented soap I often hear the phrase.  "Who would want unscented soap?!"  I gently tell them that I sell a good amount of unscented soap to some regular customers and an occasional bar or two to someone new.   Sounds a bit boring, right?  Well maybe to you, but there are a good deal of people out there that are fragrance sensitive.  Whether it is their skin or their nose, the want to enjoy homemade soap without the added fragrances.  I am happy to report that I sell a good deal of unscented soaps.  I offer Unscented, Unscented With Oats and Calendula.  All these soaps are still  my 100% vegetable recipe just sans fragrance.

Find my unscented soaps here, listed with my "Classic Soaps":


Beth said...

I loved scented soaps, but on the days when my allergies are acting up, unscented works better. You are wise to offer options!

T.A. Helton said...

I also make and sell an unscented soap. They don't move super fast, but I have customers that will buy several at a time.'s for those that are sensitive to fragrance in one way or another. I actually love picking up one of my Naked soaps and just smelling it. The oils and butters give it a yummy, creamy smell, without the need for fragrances. Just good, clean soap!

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

The unscented soap does still have a fragrance too it. The rich and creamy oils lend a nice comforting smell. I enjoy it! And I sell a good deal of it, so other do to.
Thanks for the comments.