Monday, April 26, 2010

Goodbye Winter Market...

(Just one small corner of the Winter Market inside Ft. Andross)

The Winter Market in Brunswick has ended for the season. All the vendors that were selling at the Market, will now head out to their own individual community markets. Interesting tidbit (I think) is that there were only 6 Winter Markets in Maine this past season. Due to that little fact, the Brunwick Winter Market had vendors from all over the state selling their goods and wares. I met a fantastic and eclectic group of artists, farmers, woodworkers, crafters and bakers, and it was wonderful spending my Saturday mornings selling alongside them. But off we go, back to our own communities. During the warmer months, many many towns across Maine hold there own outdoor markets.

We all hope to be back next year, same place, same day, same time. Crossing our fingers that the space will still be available for us to rent. I would think that we are some super awesome tenants. We are there only 1 day a week, for only about 6 hours on that one day, and for 6 straight months!

Good luck to all my fellow Winter Market vendors! May the Spring and Summer months be wonderful for you!


sproutsandsweetpeas said...

Sorry to see it go. Is here a website or community calendar where we will be able to find you (and maybe other) at local community markets? I know you have your retail locations listed (so many great ones!) and post from time to time where you are but I would love to support the outdoor Farmer's markets. Maybe have a calender on your site with a listing of the markets you will be participating in? (+ dates and times)

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Thanks for writing.

You can find me several ways....

Click on the map, right there on the right and that will list all the places my soap is sold AND the Farmers Markets I sell at.

Also, above the retail locations, listed on the right hand side, are the 2 Farmes Markets, times and locations that I sell at during the summer.

And on my website, there is a Retail Locations and Market Schedule button on the left side, it takes you to this page:
And info. is there.

A calendar is a great idea, I am going to look into that.