Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bessie's Farm Goods is OPEN!

Bessie's Farm Goods in Freeport opens Monday, May 3rd!

I met these 2 wonderful women a couple years back. Kathy, while she was part of our summer Farmers Market and spinning and selling her yarn at market. Deede, through a friend. She has a Christmas craft party every year and started selling my soaps at her parties. The two of them have come together and designed and built, Bessie's Farm Goods.

Find them over on Litchfield Road, off of Wolfe Neck Road.

They are carrying all sorts of great items:

Field Grown Perennials
Cut Flowers
Home Baked Goods
Hand Spun Yarns
Exotic Roving
Wooden Bowls and Spoons
Local Maple Syrup & Honey
Handmade Soap
Garden Ornaments
Hand Weaving

They do have a blog, if you want to check out more:


Anonymous said...

A trip to Maine would not be complete without stopping to buy some wonderful soap from the Casco Bay Soap Company. It has been exciting to watch Shannon's business grow and grow and grow. Susan from Massachusetts.

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

wow! thanks Susan! I really appreciate your support.