Thursday, March 4, 2010

Other Uses For Soap

A few simple other uses for soap:

Bug repellent ~ place a bar of soap in your garden to keep pests away.

Rid your house of fleas ~ place some liquid soap in a bowl mixed with water under a light and it will attract fleas and they will drowned.

Household bug repellent ~ mix soap and water and place in a spray bottle and spray around your home to rid your house of spiders and bugs.
Drawers ~ use soap to loosen and quiet dresser drawers or other household drawers by running the soap along the metal rails. We used this to quiet a few squeaky place on our sailboat too.

Freshen clothes/luggage ~ place a bar of soap in a mesh holder to keep stored clothes or luggage smelling fresh .

Car freshener ~ place slivers of left-over soap in a mesh bag and tie around your rear-view mirror, place a bar under your set etc. to keep a fresh smell in your car .

Removing Wallpaper ~ mix soap and water and sponge on old wallpaper and it will help in removing the glue.

Zippers ~ Loosen stuck or rusty zippers by sliding some bar soap up & down the zipper .

Detect gas leaks ~ mix a solution of water and soap and rub along pipes, if it bubbles, you found your leak.

Lubricate screws/nails ~ Dip a screw or nail into a bar of soap before drilling or hammering and it will move through wood more easily/also for saw blades too.

Fabric Marker ~ use those little left-overs to make fabric for hemming and it washes right away when complete

Keep bugs off plants ~ soap works as an insect repellent and can protect your plants from being eaten by bugs. Mix soap with water until it's sudsy, then put the water solution in a bottle and spray the underside of plant leaves.

Relieve itchy bug bites ~ rub the bites with a dampened bar of soap for instant itch relief. It also helps keep the bites clean.

Remove stains from fabric. Rub a damp bar of white soap over stains, then wash the clothes according to the manufacturer's instructions. For more difficult stains, use a scrub brush or old toothbrush after applying the soap. My friend June removed blueberry stain from her shirt with Casco Bay Soap!

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