Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Market Location In Freeport For 2010

I am very happy to announce that the Cumberland Farmers Market Association, that I am part of, has a new fantastic location for the 2010 market season in Freeport.

L.L.Bean has offered the Cumberland Farmers Market Association the use of Discovery Park and an adjacent parking lot on the L.L.Bean campus for a farmers Market this year.

Have you been to Freeport, during the summer? On a Friday night? Have you seen the space? I will paint a quick picture.....often beautiful, historically preserved (Abercrombie & Fitch is located in the old Library, for example) Main St. Freeport is backed up with traffic as folks head into town for a weekend stay at the local B&B's. Freeport is all about shopping. There are tons of outlets (over 200 upscale outlets, FREEPORT, people come to this town to shop. I'm not kidding. They are here to spend money, on stuff. Discovery Park is located right off of Main St. and smack in between the L.L.Bean Home Store, The L.L.Bean Hunting and Fishing Store and the L.L.Bean Flagship store. There is an average of 9,000 shoppers at L.L.Bean druing the summer on a Friday. Last year, Bill Murray and Dr. Oz were shopping in Freeport with their families, and those are only the celebrities that I know about, who knows who else came through. I spoke with Dr. Oz, he smelled my soap. He bought corn and blueberries at the market. It was very very cool. This new market is going to offer me an opportunity to get my soaps in the hands of all sorts of travelers from all sorts of great places.

CFMA will raise the tents for the Freeport Community Market on May 28th at 3pm, that market would run through 7pm. The season runs every Friday, 3-7, through Oct 8th.

I will be working on special soaps as well as showcase my Maine themed soaps.

Hope to see some of you there!

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