Monday, December 5, 2011

Craft Idea ~ Calendar Journal

I found this super great idea over on a super great new blog (well, new to me)!  Design Sponge.  Full of creative crafts, design ideas, shopping links and DIY projects.

A Calender Journal!  I will be making this for myself, but this would make a great gift for, well, anyone!  I enjoy remembering where/what I was doing 1 year ago, but don't always remember (don't we all  have these lapses in memories?) everything.  This would be a fun reminder, easy to make and soo green!  Love it!

The idea is that you have 365 index cards, each stamped with the month and day.  Each month is separated by a fun postcard.  Find postcards at local Flea Markets, Thrift Shops or maybe in your own stash.  All this is tucked inside a berry box.  Or you could use any type of box.  Then on the corresponding date, you write down a few things you did on that day.  Each year when the day comes around again, add in the new "thing" you did and look back at what you did a year ago.  A daily journal!  Soo clever!  I. Love. It.  Brilliant!

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