Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Introducing my new Closet & Drawer Sachets!  Help keep the creepy crawlers away with these little muslin sachets.  They are filled with a cup of sweet smelling herbs that are known for repelling moths and other insects.  Instead of storing your sweaters with moth balls (which are toxic, stinky, and soo old fashioned) tuck these in between sweaters, toss them in foot lockers, closets or any storage bin,  maybe even in your yarn stash!  Find them here CLOSET & DRAWER SACHETS on my website.  I brought them to market last week and they sold like hot cakes! 

Once again the wonderful Cynthia of High Street Vintage (find her on Etsy here: High Street Vintage ) created these beautiful labels for me.  Thanks Cynthia!

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Ann Stoermer said...

Great idea! As usual, I love your packaging. :)