Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gone Clammin'

Captain loves to go clamming.  Over the Holiday weekend he snagged just about a bushel of clams in about an hour.  I went along to relax, walk, take pictures and enjoy some quiet. 

When we got there, there were already a few other clammers on the flats.

This area was beautifully fixed up and maintained by a generous ex professional NHL hockey player that happens to like clamming himself!

I LOVE Beach Roses!  They are soo fragrant and brightly colored!  I have a huge hedge of them at my house too.

Here is Captain, digging his clams.  You can see that you don't have to walk out very far.  But you do need boots.  He has on a great pair of hip waders that keep him clean (mostly).

I ventured in as close as I could without getting my sneakers dirty/wet.  I am sure to step on the packed mud and rocks to help me from sinking into the clay like stinky mud.  Some areas are softer than others and you never know when you will sink in.

He will be rinsing off these clams well before we take them home.

Birds fishing for a sea shore snack!

On his way back from rinsing off the clams.

It's time to head home....

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