Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pictures From The Country Side

I went on a little ride on Monday.  On my way out to a farm in Brunswick called Crystal Springs.  It is soo picturesque out that away, I even had to dodge around a parked car with a lady hanging out the window taking pictures (maybe for her blog).  I didn't have much time, but I took a couple of pictures for you.  Only 2, I will try for more another time.  I just love that all this farm land is soo close to the salt water and ocean that I love.  Go 10 minutes this way and you see farm land.  Go ten minutes the other way and you can throw a line in the water and catch a fish.

On the way to the farm.  See it there?  It's a little speck through all the yellow flowers.

A farmer in the field on his bright red tractor!

We'll see how things go at the farm...I may have something to report in a few days.

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