Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls In The Garden Event

I was asked to participate and sell my soaps at a super fun event at Plainview Farms in North Yarmouth Maine called Girls In The Garden on Friday night.  Plainview Farms carries my soaps in their farm store already and invited me for this fun event as a way for their customers to meet many of their vendors. I was soo happy to participate! What a beautifully organized and special event! If only the weather had cooperated more, as we had to move indoors due to the rain. But none-the-less, we enjoyed music, wine, food and garden tours. Here are a few shots from my point of view.

The ladies are arriving!  Can you believe it is late June?  Look at all the outerwear.  :(    But the showers didn't keep them away.  I swear, this woman in the foreground is calling all her friends and telling them to get down here on the double!

Vino always makes anything better!  This cute little vehiclee is from Turina Wines of North Yarmouth, Maine.

Super jazz trio! Lovely music, soo nice and mellow.  I want to have a party, just to hire them!

The best fun appetizer I have seen in a long time.   Veggie cups with herb dips at the bottom.  This way no one will double dip!  Fresh lettuce from Palineview Farm, cukes, carrots and brocilll.   De-lish!

Shopping in greenhouse #2!  Lots of great items for sale...

Trying on an Alpaca hat...

Ginny makes these beautiful bags herself.  I have my eye on the red starfish one over on the far right of the table.

And this vendor was new, this was her very first show!  Lovely beach treasures, sand dollars and more made into necklaces.  Soo pretty!

Me.  I had a smaller set up than usual.  But it worked just fine! 

Beautiful garden pots....

My friend Jinger is selling her colorful aprons and jewelry.

What a wonderful event!  While I will not be part of their next event, I am sure to attend...a tomato tasting in July.  Mmmmm!


Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

Love your display in the muted colors -so natural and beach-ey looking! (I also love the look of those raw veggie snacks -very appealing presentation)

Tam I Am said...

We love your pictures and are so grateful that you took the time to participate. Your soaps make a lovely addition to our shop and your presence always brightens us up. Many thanks, Shannon!

Anita said...

How lovely the Girls Night was! Also like your display, very coastal feel, made me wanna have a tropical holiday. =)