Monday, March 28, 2011

Lots of Labels

We have been very busy behind the scenes here at Casco Bay Soap Co.!   I finally have a local printer printing all my product labels.  Yipee!  I am thrilled that I now have new labels for my soap, laundry detergent, dryer sachets and  little gift tag that all match and someone else is printing them.  It's a big job and my time/printer wasn't able to keep up.   Next to be printed are new business cards.   My designer and I are also working on labels for my new round shaving soaps too.   I do need new product pictures for the website that reflect the new labels, and they are on their way.  Here is a look at the new labels:

Soaps.  These actually are on their way to Maine Heritage Village in Wiscasett later this week.

Hundreds and hundreds of labels.  Yippee!  My little home printer has been working over time for years printing all my soap labels, one sheet at a time.  Then, I had to cut and trim them all with a paper cutter.  This is going to save me sooo much time!

Below are the Dryer Sachets all wrapped up in their new labels and ready to purchase.  Notice that the soap label has a Sand Dollar/Starfish/Seaweed background and the Dryer Sachets have a Lobster/Starfish/Seaweed background? All the new labels are a bit different, but have the same color pallet and underwater theme.  I have received a huge amount of great feedback from the customers at the Farmers Market, wholesale customers and my online sales that love this new peaceful color pallet and slightly whimsical, natural history type look to the labels.  I like it too.

Thanks again to Cynthia, whom I found on Esty.  She is great to work with and has lots of beautiful Natural History type artwork on sale here:

And also thank you to Yarmouth Printing for working on my order with such attention.


Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Beautiful,beautiful packaging.

Jennifer Young said...

Wonderful Packaging! Wow... what a treat. You lucky think you!!!!!!! I am still plodding away on my little printer... hand cutting and packaging... Well done! xo Jen

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

thank you both for stopping by and your comments!
Happy soaping to you.