Monday, January 31, 2011

Behind Every Successful Woman...

I wanted to give a shout out to my hubby.  As the work on the new soap studio continue, I realized how lucky I am.  I mean, what a great guy I have!  As I "direct" him to where to place the hanging lights, what to do with the ceiling and how to build my work table he never once grumbles or complains.  I ask him what did he want to do with this or that (baseball card collection and golf clubs) numerous times and I know that it's not easy to give up your Sunday to hang lights and go through boxes of your childhood stuff just so your wife can have a space to make soap.   His back hurts but he still lugs junk out of the basement with me.  He has some allergy issues but he keeps on working through out the cob-webby and dusty beams of the basement.  And not a peep from him.  He purchases extra smoke detectors to make sure I am safe and new paint brushes so I don't have to use the old crusty one.  He even is dreaming up some sort of dumb waiter system so I don't have to lug heavy items up and down the stairs!  Thank you hubby, I mean it, thanks!

Here are a few before pictures of the basement.  You can thank my sister Tracey for the pictures.  She said "Don't forget to take before and after pictures".  I hadn't taken any pictures because frankly I thought it was an ugly space and who would really care to see it.  But now, I am totally digging the idea of before and after.  It almost is pushing me to make it even better, since it is going to be here for the world to see.  I don't expect this space to be perfect and there are a dozen little things that I would love to do to the space, but time, money etc. just won't allow. But it will be great to have all the soap "stuff' in one area and have the rest of my home back.

Lovely mint green color, right?  It will be covered up with a nice bright white soon.  And that duct work in the top left? Well, that wasn't even hooked up to anything!  It is leftover from before, when there was at one time forced hot air heat in this house.  But that was before us and the empty duct work is just hanging there.  We took it down and gave it to someone via Craig's List.  They were very happy to get it and use it as part of a project as they install heat in their garage.  One mans junk is another mans treasure...

Another angle of the room.  See that white beam running through the right side of the picture?  That has to stay.  We will put my new work table around it and create a sort-of island work station in the middle of the room.  This pile of "stuff" of stuff you see, is staying in the soap studio.  I need a microwave and some stools to sit on and the big metal rack is a bakers cooling rack.  I will get trays for this and put the soap on it to cure.  I have ordered metal rolling shelving racks that will hold most of my ingredients and supplies.  They will be coming soon.  And you know who is going to help my assemble all the shelving, right?  Hubby to the rescue again! 

It's all very exciting as it gets cleaned out and we move along.  More pictures to come!

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Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Very exciting! Looking forward to the 'after' pictures!