Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Safe Cosmetic Act Petition ~ Opposing

Please read and consider signing (to oppose)  this Safe Cosmetics Act petition:

A quick summery:

The bill was written with robust consultation with a private coalition of people claiming to represent the interests of consumers.
The sponsors of this petition are the men and women who manufacture cosmetics on a small scale in the country, and their customers and other people who support America's small business owners.

While we are unquestionably in favor of safe cosmetics, this bill contains a number of unnecessary provisions that would decimate our nation's small scale cosmetics manufacturers without any benefit at all to consumers. This bill treats a company making 100 bottles of lotion each year the same way it treats a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company making 100 bottles of lotion each second. It is grossly unfair, unduly burdensome, intrusive and unnecessary in a number of ways.
In short, I would go out of business.  I simply can not comply with all that this Safe Cosmetic Act is asking us to do.  I can not pay for all that they are asking as well as many of my fellow soap makers that are creating everything from lotion, creams, bath bombs, soaking salts, muscle rubs etc. etc. etc.  
Please consider taking the time to read the bill and sign the petition to oppose it.
Thank you! 

Your Soap Maker

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