Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If You Came To Market...

If you came to my market, you would find a feast.  A feast for your belly and a feast for your eyes.  The most beautiful produce is in season at the Farmers Markets.  Stop by a market near you!


Anne-Marie said...

I love our Farmer's Market. I just wish it were year round. Beautiful pictures! I love the 'chemical free' sign =)

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Chemical Free is a clever way of also saying Organic. You can not say you are Organic (at least here in Maine) unless you are certified and that is an $$$ expensive process. This farmer doesn't use pesticides and chemcials but can not afford to be certified, so she found the right wording for her veggies, Chemical Free!

In addition...we have WINTER MARKETS here in Maine! I will be selling for the 2nd year at the Brunswick Winter Market (Maine St., Brunswick, Ft Andross) starting in November. The market runs from Novemember 'till April and last year we had 52 vendors! You can buy all sorts of great stuff: fresh baked breads, pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, handmade SOAP (that's me), soy wax candles, jewlery, wooden bowls and rolling pins, Alpaca yarn, finsihed knit items, jams, jellies, pickles, honey, maple syrup, spices and herbs AND whatever veggies are in season or can store well. Such as potatoes, carrots, cabbage, kale. AND of course fresh eggs. Local meats are avaialbe too. We have a poultry farmer and a turkey farmer, plus local beef, pork (mmm, bacon!) and fish (shellfish too)! It's wonderful!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Anne-Marie!