Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More New Soaps On The Way...

By the way, every time I say "I stirred up a batch of this or that" I picture an old fashion Cauldron. Do you? Do you see me stirring the black pot out in the back yard over a low fire, long stick in hand? Maybe sometime I can post for you a picture of what my soap kitchen really looks like. This is what has been stirred up in the kettle as of late:

I have just stirred up a batch of wonderful Rosemary. This has been a request that I have been wanting to get to...so here it is. The beautiful stimulating aroma of Rosemary is often considered energizing. This soap is jazzed up with a green swirl.

Another customer request, this fragrance is a treat for the nose. A bright, green scent. Swirled with a bit of green.

One of the must have Holiday fragrances. This gorgeous, brown soap smells good enough to eat! With spices such as Caraway Seed, Cinnamon, and Cardamom with Vanilla mixing perfectly with Ginger, you are going to say "MMMmmmm" when smelling this!

Smoky Patchouli
Not really so new with Casco Bay Soap, but back by popular demand. With Patchouli and a bit of a smokey notes, this soap is swirled with a light smokey gray swirl.

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