Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Laundry Day...

Have you seen my new laundry soap? In powder form, my laundry soap is made from my ground, old-fashioned soap - not detergents, dyes and chemical fillers.

I started making this when I thought of all the chemicals I was putting into my washer and then ultimately, into my septic system. I also had a bunch of ends and trimmings, cut off from my soaps and wanted to re-purpose them. Being a Yankee, it's just part of me...nothing should go to waste!

I've teamed my soap with natural laundry boosters. My laundry powder is 100% natural and biodegradable. And just like my soaps, it should work for most, if not all sensitive skin. I really can't make any claims as to how it will work for everyone. I do have some super skin sensitive customers, that have had no trouble with my soap. But, I always caution them when trying a new soap (as they should with any new product) to test on a small portion of their skin first.

This non-sudsing powder is very concentrated. Only 2 scoops (a cute little wooden scoop is included) are needed for regular-sized loads. Great for both front and top loading machines.

This 1 lb. bag of powdered laundry soap, holds enough powder to wash 20 loads. Fabric softener is no longer needed. (Maybe you should stop using those fake chemical scented sheets anyway).

Sometimes old fashion ways are best. Forget all the extra chemicals and dyes in store bought detergent, switch to something better.

Ingredients: My own 100% veggie, from scratch, handmade soap, washing soda, & borax. That's it! Since I do use soap scraps, sometimes the powder may have a hue to it or a slight fragrance from all the different soaps I make.

Cost: 1 lb. of my own powdered laundry soap, good for 18-20 washes, and a cute little scoop all for only $8.00.

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