Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rainbow / Easter Marshmallow Treats!

AND another fun recipe!  I am going to make this up for my sweet niece and nephew (and maybe the adults too) as a fun take home treat after Easter dinner.   A super fun and colorful twist on rice cereal treats!  I have NEVER even tried Trix cereal before.  I had to tell the cahier why I was buying this brightly colored, sugary cereal as it rode down the conveyor belt to be rung up among my avocados, lettuce, almonds, soy milk, cabbage, chicken sausage and other mostly healthy food.  I wanted her to understand that I was only buying it for a "special recipe".  Why did I find the need to explain myself to her?  I don't know!  Self guilt, I guess.  I'm silly.

So I found this recipe over on Pinterest (find and follow me here:  http://www.pinterest.com/cascobaysoap/  )  and it just looked soo fun!  I bought all the ingredients and am resisting the urge to open the bag of sweet vanilla marshmallows, grab a handful and pop them into my mouth.  Because an open bag is an empty bag.   So why should rice ceral have all the fun?  Why not try ALL the fun cereals out there!

I'll be making them soon!

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Anne-Marie said...

Goodness, a teenage favorite smothered in marshmallows =)