Monday, December 23, 2013

Soap For Hope Update

As some of you know, I started my Soap For Hope with a "soft" introduction mid month in November.  For each bar of my special Soap For Hope sold, there is a built in donation.  $2.00 for each sale of the Soap For Hope goes directly to a local charity.  It is a beautifully boxed soap with a lovely label with the explanation of the program right on the back.  You can still see and smell the soap through the cute little window on the front of the box. 
I am happy to announce that it has been well received!   For the 6 weeks that it has run, I have collected $53.00 for The Freeport Community Food Pantry.  I will be dropping off the money tomorrow with an explanation of the project. 
Thank you all for buying my special soaps and your donations!  Some folks didn't even buy the soap but just dropped a dollar or two in the donation jar.  How nice!
 I have now listed Soap For Hope on my website and Etsy pages.   
I am currently featuring Vanilla Verbena as the exclusive fragrance and plan to create a special signature fragrance just for Soap For Hope. Do you have any fragrance suggestions?
Thank you!
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