Thursday, August 22, 2013

Special Event

Last night I was part of a new Makers Market!  Presented by and taking place right next to:
"A community-driven, food hub, skills-sharing facility, experimental micro Urban Farm, locally-sourced Fermentation Factory.

We primarily ferment Hard Cider, Mead, and Kombucha (aka "booch"), while exploring other food based fermentation. We host workshops, markets, and offer rentable prep kitchen space. We sublease space to a variety of other businesses within our complex including a bakery, apothecary,
creamery, and an aquaponics project farming tilapia fish and using that "wastewater" to grow herbs and leafy greens".
"Each Popsicle is made with only the finest all natural and organic ingredients. They are handmade in small batches. My goal is to support local farmers while making these fun flavored popsicles".
"We grow herbs and flowers , make tinctures, elixirs, balms, teas,body care products, natural cosmetics ,floral waters, farm goods and more. we offer consultations and craniosacral work. join our herbal , dairy, or farm C.S.A.'s !!!"

Several local vendors came out to sell their wares...
Casco Bay Butter was there....(I love all their butters)!

This gal selling her jewelry....

Some granola style bars....

And I was soo happy to finally try a Pure Pop! 

I choose the Avocado Lime - IT. WAS. A. MAZING.

NEW vendor Maine Original Tea Co. was there with their super cool old fashioned truck....

And the entrance to my friend Laurens new Apothecary were you can get her cheese, other dairy, some of her farm products and maybe an elixir!

Portland Cap & Stem Co., mushroom people!

AND music!

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