Monday, April 22, 2013

Bradbury Mountain

My hubby and I really like to hike and soo look forward to the snow melt and Spring to finally lace up our boots and head up a mountain or down a trail.   We have a great little mountain near us, Bradbury Mountain, and as soon as hubby gets in from work, we put on our boots and head over there.  This whole month there is a "Hawk Watch" on the mountain.   Bird counting every day!  When we hiked up there one night this week, we found 2 people with high powered binoculars and a scope and a very impressive count of all the birds that they had seen. 
Here is the blurb from the State Park website about it:
Daily hawk watch on the summit of Bradbury Mountain. Come and join an expert as she tallies the hawks, eagles and other raptors as they return from the southlands after a long winter. Learn why the watch is conducted over Bradbury and how to identify the birds from the ground.
Here are the pictures that I took of them on the summit.
It's a pretty view at the top.  At the edge of the horizon, that is all ocean!  On a good day you can see out to Eagle Island, (only accessible by boat) also a State Park.   And next stop after Eagle Island, England!   That's it folks, all Atlantic Ocean stretched out to the East. 

Bundled up but smiling!

A very impressive bird count! 

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