Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Around The Studio

Hello.   I know that I haven't been posting in a while and some of that is because I have been blogging since 2009...what else should I blog about?  Have I run out of content?  Is anyone even out there, reading this?  I don't know.....
I post several times a day over on Facebook, you can find me there.  Although the content is less, there is more action. 
But none-the-less here are some pictures from around my studio I thought that I would share. 
@ My worktable....ribbon, some labels etc.
Gift tags ready to cut up and use.

Bars and bars of soap curing.  The back soap is Day At The Beach, front soap is "Casco" Bay Rum and there are a few round shaving bars too.

More soaps curing.  Blue at the top right is Sea Mist, there are a few of my new "50 Shades" soap and then Citrus Scrub bars.  Plus round shaving soaps and some Sea Urchins.

This 5 pack of soap will be part of a Farmers Market giveaway coming up soon. 

My new "photo booth".  I made this about a month ago and have been experimenting with new photos of soap etc.  I really like it. What I like best is that I have a dedicated area for shooting soaps.  No need to dig things out of a box and set up etc.  The table that this photo box is on is on wheels too, so I can easily move it around and/or out of the way.   I found the idea on Pinterest (you can follow me there too).

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures, I will try to get some more up soon.  See you soon! 

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