Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Roost House of Juice!

You may remember, 2 summers ago I blogged about a friend of mine that was making Green Smoothies at the market.  It was Green Smoothie because it is made from greens AND made with a bike blender using no electricity!

Here is my blog post back in August of 2009: 

And here is Jeanette talking about the Green Smoothies and Heidi blending on the bike.

WELL, Jeanette is working on her dream to open at juice and smoothie bar!  Visit her on Kick Starter and watch the video.  Roost House of Juice is hoping to open soon in Portland Maine and is seeking donations to help finance the dream.  Consider helping them, thanks!

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Anne-Marie said...

We have a vendor at our Farmer's Market who does something similar and I just love the idea of exercising to get something healthy!