Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Hop" To It

"Hop" To It, my popular beer soap, is made with real beer (a batch made with Sam Adams and a batch made with Shipyard Ale) and swirled with real ground HOPS!

Great for both your skin and your hair, I assure you, you will not smell like a beer or a frat house after bathing with this soap.  It has a nice, sweet, mellow fragrance to it.  I add a bit of fragrance oil with some honey notes too.    This soap is nice and creamy, sweet and mellow and makes a great novelty gift for the beer drinker in your life! 

Find my "Hop" To It Beer soaps with me at market near the end of June.  I am happy to take special requests and advance orders too.  I will not have this on my website, as I have a limited amount of it.

I even had a special poster made for the beer soap!  This will help draw attention to it while on the table at the market and I will include this with any wholesale orders as well.


Michelle Somers said...

It looks wonderful and I love your sign.


Anne-Marie said...

It looks absolutely lovely, and I love how elegant your stamp is!