Thursday, March 1, 2012

Close Buy Catalog - SPRING!

Close Buy Catalog (which I have been part of for their past 2 out of 2 catalogs) is launching a NEW Spring Catalog!  And I am happy to announce that I will be part of it!  And offfering my Shampoo Soap Bars as well as Laundry Detergent.   The Spring catalog is new this year and there will be a few new ideas and changes to the catalog.  Including, shipping directly to the customer.  Keeping this in mind, my products had to be lighter and not breakable.  For the catalog I have offered and smaller size Laundry Detergent (8 ounce size) and my Shampoo Bars will not require any "fancy" packaging.  So no boxes with ribbon and gift tags that could get smooshed and just add to the general bulk.

Here is what the Close Buy Catalog  has to say: 

"Great new things are coming to Close Buy this Spring!
On April 2 CB will launch our pilot spring fundraiser.

All products will be available online and ship directly to your families. Our new distribution method allows us to invite small groups (teams, clubs, classes), as well as non-profit organizations and camps".

And now, I am off to make some soap!

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