Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sugar On Snow

We have had a mild winter with not much snow at all.  Some snow did fall last night and we had (I say had, because it is on it's way to melting) a beautiful, fresh and pretty countryside this morning.

AND coming up soon is Maple Sugaring season.  Soon the Maple trees will be tapped as warm days and cool night transition us into Spring and help create wonderful Maple Syrup.  Below is a recipe that brings both Snow and Maple Syrup together....

Sugar On Snow
When hot maple syrup is drizzled over snow, it results in a remarkably delicious candy-like substance that northern New Englanders crave. You must be very precise with your drizzle and the temperature of the syrup - too hot a syrup and the snow melts too fast - too cool a syrup and it becomes watery, straining right through the snow to the bottom. The perfectly heated syrup will form a lace-like pattern across the top of the snow and quickly harden to be gobbled up by eager sugar-eaters.

Boil syrup to 255 degrees Fahrenheit. (make as much or as little as you want)

Scoop snow into large bowl or pan just before the syrup is ready

Drizzle hot maple syrup lightly over snow and use forks to eat the sticky top layer.

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