Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Close Buy Catalog Delivery

I loaded up my car for the last stage of my Close Buy Catalog fulfilment duty.  Off the boxes and I went to a local warehouse.   I enlisted a Friend to help me and she showed up right on time to help me load the car.  I thought that i may need to borrow some space in her car, but we fit it all in one.  Once at the warehouse, boxes were unloaded and placed on a pallet....

Here is all of Casco Bay Soap Co. items on one pallet on the left!  Look at that!!   I filled a pallet!  From here, the pallet will be shrink wrapped and sent to a larger warehouse and separated into separate piles of boxes for each school.   Then all the participating schools will receive their boxes and then the orders for each child will be picked and sent home with them.  HUGE JOB!  But soo worth it. 

here you can see many of the boxes, ready for their next phase of delivery...

And this is Masey, she is the brilliant woman that came up with this whole idea!

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