Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Pie and I'm Still Here!

I've been gone...just gone from this blog.  Busy working on finding the right direction for my soap, my next move....but I am back. I will try to keep on blogging as often as I can, I do enjoy it!   Sometimes, there is just too much to do, too much pulling me in other directions....

Fall is here, it is a cold and rainy Sunday here in Maine and there is a fire in the woods stove and an apple pie in the oven.  

here is a link to the recipe i used today, it was divine!  Fresh picked Maine apples, crumb topping and fresh whipped cream....Mmmmmm hmmmmm.  What New England is all about.  Make this pie, you will be happy you did.

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Beth said...

Your apple pie looks delicious! I'm sure it inspires you to make some fall-scented soaps (which I know you already are doing.) ☺