Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glimpses Of The Winter Market

Here are a few recent photos I took of some of the fantastic items you can find at the Winter Farmers Markets.

Hand dyed Alpaca yarns in shades that will make you want to learn how to knit!

My friend Jeanette's dehydrated vegan raw granola! It is sooo good. She uses all super fantastic ingredients, organic and fresh. She offers samples too....

Super chubby and short carrots! Too cute and soo orange!

Cranberry plants! That's right, buy and plant your own Cranberry plants and maybe you will someday be in competition with Ocean Spray!

Beautiful wood scarf/shawl/wrap holder. Simply artfully wrap yourself in your hand knit shawl and secure it in place with this gorgeous all wood "pin"! How clever!

Yummy red skinned onions from Jillson's Farm.

And this is what is happening right next to me! My fellow Farmers Market vendor Cordelia is spending her time at market spinning wool fibers into yarn! The colors she spins each week are just so beautiful, see that lovely blue on the bobbin?

Crisp , fresh and beautifully green heads of cabbage.

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