Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Green" Smoothies

I have met the coolest girls at market...Jeanette and Heidi are the Fender Blender girls. Blending "green" smoothies with a bicycle powered blender, they offer close to the Earth smoothies made with fresh veggies from the market such as Parsley, Kale, Mint and more. Adding in Mango, Bananas, Strawberries or more as the only natural sweetener, these green smoothies are DELICIOUS! I am holding what is left of the smoothie I had that day, and it was so refreshing when the temperature and the humidity went into the high numbers last week. You can't even see their booth, just beyond the smoothie, as it was crowded with people watching Heidi pedal the bike to mix up more of these cool drinks. I am thinking of starting my day, everyday, with a green smoothie (only difference is I will be using my electric powered blender). It's a great way to get in some fantastic fiber and a serving of a veggie I may not necessarily eat. If you are in the area, be sure to stop at the Falmouth Farmers Market on Wednesdays, they are always there mixing up the good stuff.
Update: I made my own Green Smoothie! I bought some fresh organic Kale at the market and had a frozen banana and some mango in the freezer. YUM! I do think that I need to add some Parsley or Mint for some additional pizazz. But loved it none-the-less!

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