Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nordic Walking

I recently completed a 3 weeks class and learned quite a bit about Nordic Walking, also called Fitrek. I take classes with the Freeport Recreation Department every so often and this time this cool class peaked my interest. The 3 weeks class taught basic instruction for fitness walking with these special poles that are similar to ski poles. What the class description didn't mention in the published brochure was that I would have a fantastic upbeat instructor that would also become a great mini personal trainer and super tour guide of Freeport!

Barb of The Freeport Clipper Inn on Main St. in Freeport teaches these classes and is SO knowledgable of all the ins and outs of Freeport walking trails, history of the homes in the area, and many of the folks in town. I enjoyed walking all around town and listening to the stories of the antique homes in town and learning more about what it is like to run a B&B. Our walks went from the first week of about 2 miles, to the second week of about 6 miles and the last week was about 4. I gained knowledge of a great new exercise and a new perspective on town.

You can learn more about Nordic Walking (Fitrek) here:

And if you are in need of lodging in Freeport, check out The Freeport Clipper Inn


sproutsandsweetpeas said...

So Barb is knowledgeable about the "INNS" and outs of Freeport! (Sorry I couldn't resist!) The class sounds really great, what a fabulous way to see the town.

Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

Ha! Cute. It was lots of fun....I think I am going to buy some walking sticks and go for it on my own.
Thanks for your comments.